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15 questions with basketball Prep Player Jesse Pierce

Jesse thanks for sharing your time and a little bit about yourself with Major Prep Sports. I’ve seen you play this year in the Competitive Basketball League, the CBL, and you had a pretty good showing. In the first game you dropped 25 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 blocks.

MPS: How was your experience in the CBL?
JESSE: It was great. I met some new guys, it was good competition, and I got some recognition

MPS: Give us the profile run down… Class of, Birthdate, Height/Weight, Summer Team, School Team
JESSE: Class of 2013,  11/19/93,  6’3” / 170 lbs,  last summer Memphis T-23. This summer no one yet…,  MHEA eagles

MPS: Okay, is basketball the only sport you play? If not, what other sports you like?
JESSE: No, I actually play baseball also.

MPS: When did you first pick up the rock and develop a love for the game?
JESSE: My brother and sisters have always played so I’ve been ballin since I was very young.

MPS: What was one of your favorite moments on the court?
JESSE: Probably at Tip-off this year. We beat the OKC storm in the championship game by a three point buzzer beater. It was a lot of fun

MPS: I know that you are home schooled, how is that?
JESSE: It’s good. I’ve never been to a public or private school, so I don’t know the difference, but I still enjoy it because I’m able to get my school done then go right to the gym to work.

MPS: Do you feel your basketball journey is a different from those who are playing in City/County School Systems?
JESSE: No not really. Maybe a little bit because we don’t get to practice every day like them but we practice a good 3 days a week and its great.

MPS: On your Facebook page you state “Jesus is a beast!”. Sometimes in basketball you come across worldly players, coaches, and fans. How do you deal with situations that might be a little uncomfortable? Like players talking trash, coaches using profanity, or unruly fans.
JESSE: I’ve just learned to pretty much ignore it. They can do what they want and I’m not here to judge.

MPS: What would you tell a young baller on how to deal with a similar situation?
JESSE: Just ignore it and move on. Show them you can ball too without using trash talking, profanity and so on… 

MPS: After High Schools what are your plans? Any offers yet?
JESSE: I would like to play ball at a college on scholarship. No, sadly no offers yet.

MPS: Who is your inspiration?
JESSE: I have lots of them. My coach, teammates, and family.

MPS: What is your basic workout?
JESSE: Get to the gym about 2 o’clock everyday, take pre-workout, shoot around for 30 minutes till it kicks in, then lift weight from an hour to two hours, then I get on the court and do drills and sometimes play full at night if I don’t have practice or a game

MPS: What is your favorite move on the court?
JESSE: Oh dunking for sure. Nothing like driving in the lane, slamming that thing, and hearing the crowd go crazy.

MPS:  You know the ladies want to know, are you single?
JESSE: Haha, yes I am single right now

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