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2014 Superstar 3 – Panthers VS. Jags (Game 3)

Avant Blueitt with ball. Mark Freeman defending.

Avant Blueitt with ball. Mark Freeman defending.

Kavious Newson sets the pace for the third game of the afternoon as he scored the first points for the Jaguars.

Mark Freeman made his presence known right away! He shot 3-pointers with ease scoring 21 points in first half alone for the Jags. The Panthers had the lead 34 to 27, but if they would have left Mark Freeman opened, that could have quickly changed. He was on fire with the 3-pointers.

The second half the Panthers still led but only by 6 points. Avant Blueitt was Phenomenal! Blueitt scored over 16 points in the first half alone. He’s in the 8th grade and plays for the Memphis Kings here in Memphis. Blueitt has played since age 6 and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. He isn’t sure which colleges he will consider but he admires Russell Westbrook of OKC.

With less than two minutes to go, the Panthers have somehow managed to allow the Jags to close within 3 points. Blueitt takes control and his ball handling skills were at its best. The Jags managed to tie the game but the Panthers take it by one (59-58)! This game was definitely one that kept you guessing.

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