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Athletic directors, coaches explain why they give thanks for high school sports

The Enquirer asked a small sampling of coaches and athletic directors to explain what they are thankful for regarding high school sports:. Here are some of the responses:

La Salle football coach Nate Moore:

“I feel blessed to be a part of the coaching profession and to be back in Cincinnati where we play the best football in the country.  There have been so many great people to be thankful for, but with Jim (Place) retiring I have to say that I am thankful to have worked for such an outstanding coach and mentor for five years.  High school football will miss Jim Place (if he is really retiring).”

Colerain AD Dan Bolden:

“I am thankful for…

  • The great people who make this such a special place
  • The community for their continued support of what we do
  • The parents who have instilled in their children an insatiable work habit and desire to win
  • The athletes who day in and day out, in-season or out, work tirelessly to get better at what they do
  • The coaches who coach for the love of the game and not for a six figure salary
  • God’s blessing to know all those types of people listed above

Turpin AD Eric Fry:

“Our coaches give our student athletes many platforms to build confidence, leadership, and integrity through athletics.  I’m thankful to be a part of a group of individuals that truly care about the sport they coach and more importantly the students on and off the playing field.”

Summit Country Day boys soccer coach Barnard Baker, who recently announced he was stepping down:

“I am thankful for high school soccer in Cincinnati. It was my life for 11 years at Summit. I am happy to have shared my blood, sweat and tears with the many players, coaches, officials and parents who put their hearts and souls into every game and every season.  The moments and memories (good and bad) will always be a part of me.”

Cincinnati Country Day AD Theresa Hirschauer:

1.  I’m extremely thankful as the CCDS Athletic Director that a large percentage of my coaches are teachers.  They celebrate the whole child from their success in the classroom or through service in our community to winning championships.  It is a huge part of our success and unluckily a fading trend around high school athletics.

 2.  This is kind of family but still….I’m thankful every year that my brother and myself get to coach soccer together at CCDS.  Our biggest fan at our games is our father.

Matt Koenig, GCL Coed Commissioner:

As a former Athletic Director and now as a Commissioner, I am very Thankful for the Athletic Directors in Southwest Ohio. The job as an Athletic Director is the most under-appreciated position in any school. The glory and notoriety always go to the coaches and athletes, which it should. But the amount of hours during the course of a week by an AD in order to provide student athletes the opportunity to have success is always forgotten. These men and women spend a lot of time behind the scenes and none of them do it for themselves. They work hard for the hundreds of Athletes every season that they represent.

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