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ATL’s Travis Anderson II

Travis Anderson II
Travis Anderson II

Travis Anderson II with the 2014 8th Grade AAU National Championship Trophy

Fourteen-year-old Travis Anderson II is one player that the AAU has become very familiar with.

After winning two consecutive championships at the National AAU tournament, Anderson is well on his way to being a great athlete. “He is a modest kid, very easy going,’ says his mother, Patrice Hurst. She has been by her son’s side since the first days of his basketball career even as his coach at one time. After commenting on being a mom and coach at the same time, Hurst says she was just trying to teach him the basics of what he needed to know being that Anderson’s father was in the military.

Georgia United Elite

Georgia United Elite based out of Atlanta, GA

Travis plays for the championship AAU team, Georgia United Elite based out of Atlanta, GA. Upon the interview Hurst mentions that they just arrived back to Atlanta from Florida where the national championship was held. “It was nice to see him playing against some of the best players all around. He even got to play with some of the players from last year.” Hurst adds. Not to mention his 18pt streak during the tournament made it all the better.

Anderson’s favorite player is Kevin Durant and he hopes to go to Duke or University of Georgia after high school. He is a model on and off the court with grades that surpass average and he has a personality that is sweet and well mannered. He has so many coaches that he show gratitude towards. Coach Arturo Coffer (Coach T), and Jamar Spegall (Coach J) and Coach Adrien Collins who trained him. He looks forward to playing under Coach Terry Kelly, who coached Jrue Holiday, as he gears up to start high school at Holy Innocents Episcopal School of Atlanta, GA in the fall.

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