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Avon football’s days in Division II may be numbered: High School Sports …

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Ohio High School Athletic Association certainly shook things up earlier this year when it reset its division cutoffs and restructured its football divisions.

As a result, many teams found themselves dropping down a division. But as commenter cccb678 pointed out while analyzing the OHSAA football computer ratings, one team seems to be headed in the other direction:

Looking at Avon’s schedule, they’ll most likely finish out the regular season without even having a close game. With the way that areas population is growing and all the young kids in Avon, it will be interesting to see how that program continues to develop. It looks like the program has great coaching, and the talent pool of kids is growing. I imagine they’d have to make the jump to Div I eventually.

With 443 boys in grades 9-11, the Eagles still have a ways to go to reach Division I, which has a cutoff of 608 through the 2014-15 school year. But there is no denying the city’s – and school’s – growth in recent years.

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