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Carlos Sandifer is looking to continue his successful ways.

Currently considered one of the top 7th graders in Memphis, Carlos Sandifer is a 5’10” combo guard for Ridgeway Middle School. After transferring from SBEC, Carlos is looking forward to having a stellar year running the point position for his new school. As a 6th grader at SBEC last year Carlos led his team to an impressive 17-0 record, finishing the season with numbers of 22ppg, 5 assist and 5 steals per game. After his 6th grade season was over, Carlos teamed with Darius Garland and Alex Jones of the W.A.C.G. All Stars to form the best 6th grade trio in the country. After winning the 5th grade AAU Nationals the previous year, W.A.C.G. finished in third place at the 2012 nationals in Hampton, VA.

Major Prep Sports sat down with Carlos for a little Q & A and discussed life and basketball.

MPS: First off Carlos, how are you doing?

Carlos: Doing great, thanks for asking. How are you?

MPS: Doing great myself. Thank you for taking the time and sitting down with MPS.

Carlos: You’re welcome and thank you!

MPS: Who are you role models?

Carlos: My role models are my mother, grandmother and grandfather. Right now I am currently being raised by my grandparents. My grandfather is a very important person in my life. He always tells me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. He often reminds me that Barack Obama was also raised by his grandparents. My coach at RMS has also been a great role model to me.

MPS: Who is your favorite athlete? Why?

Carlos: Michael Jordan. He was so competitive! Watching film of him, he played great defense.

MPS: What is your favorite sports team?

Carlos: The Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant reminds me of Michael Jordan. I also like the Dallas Cowboys.

MPS: Are you very competitive?

Carlos: Very much so. I have had a lot of success playing basketball.

MPS: You have, what success?

Carlos: Playing with the W. A.C.G. All Stars this past summer the team went 50-2. My 6th grade school team went 17-0 last year. My 5th grade M33M Elite team won the AAU state and went 50-4 that summer. And yeah, my CBL team (8th and 9th grade division) went undefeated 9-0 too.

MPS: Wow! That is an impressive record 126-6. Why do you think you were so successful?

Carlos: Hard work. Good coaching. Playing alongside great players also helps. I put God first and try to stay a humble. My grandfather reminds me to always stay humble.

MPS: Playing alongside great players is key, but one common denominator seems to be you were on successful teams. What are some of your strengths as a basketball player?

Carlos: Ball handling. Shooting the three ball and playing defense. I like to think that I can bring energy to a team. I am a pass first guard. I won the Powerade Skills and Drill Competition in Atlanta at the Jr. All American Camp in 2011.

MPS: Who is the best player you ever played alongside?

Carlos: Let’s see! From my W.A.C.G. team they were all good/great players. Gavin Lewis, Gavin Schoenwald, Darius Garland, Alex Jones, Danny Butts, Marc Freeman, Brent Sherrill, Steven Fitzgerald and Danny Butts. From my M33M team I played with Jalen Reed and DJ Jackson who were also great players. It is very hard to just pick one player and call him the best.

MPS: Who is the best payer you have played against?

Carlos: I would have to say Blake Williams of the Memphis War Eagles. Blake is an 8th grader at Highland Oaks Middle here in Memphis and he is ranked top ten nationally.

MPS: Are you looking forward to middle school basketball this year? Is so, Why?

Carlos: Yes sir! Because if you can hoop in Memphis, you can compete anywhere.

MPS: What do you want to be doing 10 years from now?

Carlos: Finishing college and pursuing a career as a sports agent. Or playing basketball in the NBA or overseas.

MPS: Thanks for sitting down with us Carlos.

Carlos: You are welcome.

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