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Q&A with Sherwood’s Head Coach Chris Adams


How was your time at American Way Middle School, one of Memphis’ Powerhouse Programs?
I started as the Assistant Coach during the 2009-2010 school year and we were undefeated that year with a record of 29-0. We also won the State Championship! During the 2010-2011 school year, I became head coach and we were the State Runner-ups. There is a lot of talent at American Way, I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with the kids and the coaches of such a Powerhouse Program.

What about the talent you had there with Dillion Mitchell and Jerry Hurt?
Actually there were three, Dillion Mitchell was smart and a scorer! He could also lead the team and shoot like a shooting guard. I would say that Mitchell’s claim to fame is his in-and-out dribble before the jump shot. Jerry Hurt was strong, he stood about 5’9” but strong. He could really handle the ball and shoot and he was quick. Quick as lightening. The third guy is Rodney Webb. He was a superior athlete. He was about 6’1”/6’2” but fast. He had speed and agility, and he had a vertical jump that had him dunking as an 8th grader.

How was it coming from a Large Area school to Small Area school?
I think the thing that gave me the opportunity to grow as a coach was working with kids who didn’t play year round, and there were some who never played organized basketball. This gave me the opportunity to learn along with them. This was different because at American Way, there were kids who were accustomed to me and playing ball all year round.

What was you record this year?
I am happy to say that our record this year is 20-3.

What do you contribute your success to?
Success this year comes from a team that played hard and stayed focused. You know, a lot of people talk about it’s the coach that won, well its not, its the kids that are the true winners in this because it’s their playing and focus that won. I can’t take credit for that. I take it when we loose, that rests on the coach.

Ho do you feel about receiving the Coach of the Year for small schools?
I think it’s a big accomplishment and I am proud to be able to add it to my resume, of course I would like to win more awards, but I surely could not have done it without the great coaching staff of Robinson and Ezell, and the athletic director Charles Seaton, and the principal Fredrick White.

Are you looking forward to next year’s program?
Oh yes! I’m really looking forward to working with what I call my “big boys.” I have these two 7th graders that I think are going to take the program to the next level. There is LaMarrius Corees, he stands at 6’5” and there is also Tyson Lockhart who is 6’4”. I’m really looking forward to working with them.

How do you plan to continue restoring Sherwood’s Program?
My plan is to continue to do the best that I can do in motivating the team to continue to play hard and stay focused. Also, I have to continue to “do right” by the kids. Like I have said before, they are the ones winning, they are the ones out there giving it their all, I have to do right by them to continue receiving blessings.

How will the team look with returning players?
The team, with returning players, is going to look great. If they continue to play hard and stay focused, we should be able to compete for the State Championship. I am looking forward that.

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