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Coach K slams trend of conference realignment

Few voices within college basketball carry as much weight as Mike Krzyzewski. The Duke coach is essentially a modern-day John Wooden. So when he takes college presidents and administrators to task over conference realignment, the criticism produces waves instead of mere ripples.

Basically, the Maryland move to the Big Ten has Coach K upset, lamenting and generally just sick of the new normal in college athletics. He, in a word, “hates” it.

“I hate the fact that we get rid of, in our own conference with Maryland leaving, 60 years of tradition based on a decision right now because you think you’re going to make more money in a certain situation,” Krzyzewski said. “You give up what really makes college athletics, which is the traditions.”

It’s not the first time Krzyzewski has addressed this problem for college basketball that’s spurred by the wants, not needs, of college football.

“I think it’s a long way from ending,” he said. “(Traditions) are priceless and I hate that we’re not looking at those things close enough as we look into future of college athletics.”

Krzyzewski reiterated his point Thursday morning on The Dan Patrick Show as well. His eloquence isn’t lost in the tempered frustration he and a lot of college basketball coaches feel these days. I can’t help but wonder if Krzyzewski’s discontent with all the chaos around the NCAA is also, just a little, rooted in some worry that Duke could eventually be next, that his program might be uprooted to another conference under cloak and dagger. You’d think not, but you shouldn’t be surprised if it happened.

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