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Cowboys, AT&T Stadium save Texas high school prom

The Dallas Cowboys and ATT Stadium are stepping in to save a North Texas high school senior prom that was in danger of being cancelled.  

Last week, the South Garland High School prom was in limbo after the original venue booked suddenly went out of business, leaving the school scrambling to find a new location within their budget with only five weeks before the event.

Upon hearing the story, ATT Stadium’s special events coordinator contacted the school and learned that students had raised about $15,000 to cover prom expenses. That’s when the stadium agreed to cover the difference to rent out the Cowboys home field for the special night.

“When you work hard and you do thing right and you stay positive and you stay focused, you’ll find out in life things usually work out better than you would expect,” Principal Tracy Curtis told FOX 4 DFW. “Thanks to the outreach from the community we had lots of offers so quite frankly we got to kinda just look and see what was going to be the best place.”

Students, who started preparing for the prom when they were sophomores, had the new venue unveiled to them with a special presentation in the school’s gym on Wednesday morning. When the photo of ATT Stadium flashed up on the screen after a countdown, students understandably were ecstatic about the news.

“This could be some of the last days we’re going to spend with my classmates, so just having one night to just let loose and have fun and actually live as a kid for once, it’s important to us,” senior Allen Capasgordo told CBS 11 DFW.

Now the stadium that has hosted a Super Bowl as well as this year’s NCAA Final Four will get the chance to make prom night one to remember for the seniors at South Garland High.

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