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D.C. Assault’s Curtis Malone charged with assault


By Eric Prisbell,

Curtis Malone, one of the nation’s most influential basketball power brokers, has been charged with second-degree assault after his alleged involvement in an altercation at a non-scholastic basketball event at Oxon Hill High School on Feb. 19.

According to police charging documents, Steven DePollar, a 39-year-old Bethesda-based AAU basketball coach, alleges that Malone and two other men punched or kicked him in the hallway outside the gymnasium as DePollar’s teenage son and several adults and children looked on.

DePollar claims that the assault continued after he balled up on the ground in a fetal position. DePollar told police it lasted about 90 seconds and “I wondered when it would end. . . . It seemed much longer. I feared for my family and myself.”

Malone’s attorney, Thomas Mooney, declined to comment on the case through a spokesperson. Attempts to reach Malone through his cellphone were unsuccessful because his voicemail was full.

DePollar, who dialed 911 at 3:55 p.m. and again three minutes later on Feb. 19, told police that he suffered facial cuts and experienced swelling to the left side of his forehead and face.

The other man facing second-degree assault charges is Joseph Brown, whose son, Joseph Hampton, is one of the nation’s best middle-school basketball players according to the recruiting publication Hoop Scoop. Hampton used to play in DePollar’s summer-league program, Force One, and often stayed with DePollar’s family on weekends until he switched to Malone’s more high-profile D.C. Assault program nearly a year ago.

DePollar has been granted a restraining order against Brown. Brown’s attorney, George Harper, said in a telephone interview Wednesday, “At trial, I am certain my client will be vindicated because the charges have no basis.”

DePollar told police that he does not know the identity of the third man who allegedly assaulted him along with Malone and Brown.

There are four video cameras on the ceilings in the hallways outside the gymnasium at Oxon Hill High, and one camera outside the school exit near the gymnasium.

Briant Coleman, a Prince George’s County schools spokesman, said that the tape from cameras did not reveal any evidence of the altercation and that he has no further information because it occurred at a non-scholastic event.

According to charging documents, DePollar said he and his son were leaving the event as Brown “charged me and struck me and shoved me.” DePollar said he tried to defend himself by throwing and landing one punch to Brown.

“Malone appeared out of nowhere [and] struck me as I fell to the ground,” DePollar told police.

“They continued to strike me in the head and body with kicks and punches as I balled in fetal position. All this took place in front of several people and kids who were playing a basketball game.”

SOURCE: http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/dc-assaults-curtis-malone-charged-with-assault/2012/03/14/gIQAzFaMCS_story.html

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