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Do you know a lot about Utah high school football? Test your knowlege

Throughout the month of August, the Deseret News has feverishly published comprehensive information about every single high school football program in the state of Utah. It’s safe to say the sheer volume of information about Utah high school football on DeseretNews.com goes unrivaled in the Utah sports media market.

In Utah high school football, there are 103 teams, 15 regions and six divisions, but only one question on hand today: how much high school football knowledge has sunk in to your mind during the month of August?

Take our high school football quiz based on the 103 team-by-team previews the Deseret News high school sports team has published throughout August and find out.

Note: The answer to every question can be found in at least one of our high school preview articles. To make it easier, here’s a page that links to every single one … and don’t feel guilty if you look for the answers. It’s an open-book quiz.

Landon Hemsley is the sports web producer for DeseretNews.com. Email: lhemsley@deseretnews.com. Twitter.com/EarlOfHemsley

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