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Girls Basketball is Back!



The AAU has offically awarded a group of hardworking athletes national champions this year and they are the eight grade girls of the Chuck Hutton Mississippi Elite Basketball Team.

This group of young women have earned this title playing over 60 games and coming out 62-4. Not only did the girls have the challenge of training all summer and playing numerous games but they had buckle down in their academics in order to play in the AAU tournament. The AAU is held at a different level when it comes to qualifying, so being apart of this organization is a notable accomplishment.

The team has been practicing and training with well-known trainer Scottie Mason all summer to ensure that they are prepared for the next tournament. Coach John Taylor, who has been with the program for two years, says he is overwhelmed by the recognition and support the team has gotten. His goal is to bring more of that recognition to girls in sports because he feel that girls are often left out.

We support camps for male athletes all the time and I think its time we share that with the girls,
– Taylor explains.

He has a strong voice for the female athletic community and likes to think of himself as an activist for the cause.

The Mississippi Elite organization has players from middle schools such as Desoto Central, Olive Branch, and even Germantown in Tennessee. “It just goes to show that people will travel for something good or worth it,” Taylor says referring to the the organization being able to expand to the Tennessee areas. Not only does this program attract different schools and players but it has attracted college teams for girls who are not in high school yet. Players like Damiah Griffin and Myah Taylor are already getting sought out for prestigious colleges.

“It is an accomplishment to  be able to compete in the AAU Tournament and to come in first place put us on another level of excitement,” Taylor says. He goes on to detail how the AAU was overwhelming for the coaches. The coaches themselves had to go through lots of testing and training before getting into the tournament. The organization’s mission is to field a team that excels on the court, achieves in the classroom, and positively impacts our community. It is obvious that this organization lives this mission because the players are thriving.

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