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High school sports chat: North vs. South predictions; Edgewood football – The Herald

QUESTION: MODERATOR: Good afternoon, and welcome to today’s high school sports chat with Jim and Mike. Thanks for being here. Big Bloomington night with crosstown rivals North and South squaring off tonight.

Mike, Jim: How are you today? Big night tonight, right?

MIKE: Big night indeed. Should be a good, close game over at South tonight. Looking forward to it.

JIM: Sorry, late lunch with the wife. Here and ready to go at H-T HQ. Better late than never, eh?


How about that Edgewood Game on Saturday! Can the mustangs pull it out? I saw that the mustangs started to throw a little more but a had a few drops from the wr’s will they let Ganz throw it a little more are do they still stick to the run.

Mustang Mom, Ellettsville

MIKE: From what it sounds like, they worked on the passing game per usual this week in practice. Doesn’t sound like much is changing and Nate Ganz is still the starting quarterback. It was a bad showing for Edgewood’s passing attack last week against Greencastle, but it wasn’t totally Ganz’s fault. There were drops, too. He threw a really nice pass over the middle in the first half that was dropped. Had it been caught, it likely would’ve been a touchdown, or at least taken the Mustangs to the goal line.

Sounds like they’ll stick to what they do. Gabe Koontz had a breakout game last week and you have to figure he’ll shoulder for the foreseeable future, with Zack Harrison out indefinitely. Coach Jerry Bland said Harrison is likely out for at least the next two or three weeks.

I still think the Mustangs are the better team in this matchup, but I also haven’t seen OV this year. My gut tells me Edgewood wins by a touchdown, but I could see the Patriots finding a way to pull it out, too. Should be a good one at Lucas Oil.

JIM: With or without Zack Harrison, they run the ball, because that is what Edgewood is best at right now. The passing game needs some work on both ends and I’m sure it’s something they are emphasizing in practice. It would certainly help loosen up an OV defense that’s sure to have 11 men in the box Saturday. Without Harrison, the offense can’t afford to make mistakes, because it’s lost some of its quick strike capability. So execution and taking care of the small details are critical for the Mustangs who may have to grind out some long drives.

QUESTION: Hello! Which one of you will be Tweeting the game and is there live coverage on the radio?

Dawn, Bloomington

MIKE: On the radio, you can find the North-South game on WGCL (1370 AM, 95.9 FM) and Spirit 95 (95.1 FM).

CoachesAid.com will have both audio and video of the game.

I’ll be tweeting on my account (@BowieMike) and Andy Graham will also be around. You can find his updates at @htograham.

JIM: The Game? That will be Mike and Andy. It’s on WGCL and Spirit 95.1.

I’ll be at Eastern Greene tonight.

We’ll both be up at Lucas Oil Saturday. Mike will cover Edgewood vs. OV (97.7 FM), I’ll do Brown County/South Vermillion (95.1 FM) and Mike will follow up with Linton and West Vigo (93.3 FM). Along with our IU guys, we’ll keep your twitter feed flowing all afternoon and evening.

QUESTION: Can the South Defense stop North’s Offense?

David, Bloomington

MIKE: Sure they can. I don’t expect South to be capable of shutting down North’s offense, but if they can limit some of the quick strikes that have made the Cougars a 2-1 team, they’ll be in good position. I’ve mentioned this plenty of times before, but I really like South’s front 7. There’s a lot of talent up front and with the linebackers. I think the key is how well the secondary handles North’s threats at receiver and tight end. Cougars quarterback Jack Smith told me this week he wants to attack the outside. The Panthers know it’s coming. Can they handle it? We’ll see in a few hours.

JIM: Good question. I think that’s going to be the big key. I haven’t seen North play, but I can see a shootout happening, lots of big plays. South has a well-balanced offense and a lot of weapons. But so does North, and it was the breakdowns in South’s defense that allowed Franklin Central’s Aaron Austin to run wild last week. That with 11 Panthers in the box and little threat of the Flashes passing.

Right now, it’s a building process for South’s defense, lots of new faces learning to trust that the guy next to them will do his job so you they focus on doing theirs.

So it’ll be interesting to see how aggressive each defense wants to be under the threat of being burned by a long gainer.

QUESTION: Score prediction for north and south game?

HS fan, Bloomington

MIKE: I’ll stick with my prediction in today’s paper: North 24, South 20.

JIM: North, 31-28

QUESTION: MODERATOR: That’s all the time we have for today’s chat. Thanks for joining us. Be sure to follow the guys tonight on Quick Hits (free app and on the site) and Twitter

Guys: What else should we know before we wrap up?

MIKE: As Jim mentioned earlier, Andy Graham and I will have full coverage of the North-South game and Jim will be covering the only other game in the area, Mitchell at Eastern Greene. Tomorrow, we’re back at it in Indianapolis. Edgewood and Owen Valley kick off at 2 pm. I’ll be covering that one. Jim will have Brown County’s game at approximately 5 p.m., and then I’m going back for round two with Linton’s matchup with West Vigo.

Lots of football on tap in the next 30+ hours. Hope you all will stick with us. Thanks for checking in. See you next week.

JIM: Another busy weekend ahead with Saturday’s football tripleheader at Lucas Oil and the Brown County Classic cross country meet on my schedule for Saturday. Thanks for the questions everyone! See you here next week!

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