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HS football game turns into brawl

fans gone wild


Some people just can’t enjoy a game without getting involved. See the craziest spectators.

A postgame brawl after a Friday night football game in Alabama left one coach bruised and bloodied while police were called into escort the teams away from the scene.

Cullman High School defeated the Walker High School Vikings on their home turf in Jasper, Ala. 13-10 on a last-minute drive and it appears harsh words and hurt feelings set off the losing team during Cullman’s celebration.

Although exact details of the melee are scarce, the fight was caught on cameras for our viewing pleasure:

Cullman/Walker Fight from TV16HD on Vimeo.

There are a few theories as to what went down, but the exact cause of the fight still remains unknown. According to the Cullman Times, Walker head coach John Holladay and Cullman defensive coordinator Matt Hopper “appeared to be exchanging words as Holladay and the Vikings were walking to the locker room to avoid the customary midfield meeting” at the game’s conclusion.


The Cullman Times also reported today that representatives from both high schools were called in to meet with members of the Alabama High School Athletic Association to determine what, if any, additional punishment would come out of the incident but not before Holladay resigned from his head coaching position Tuesday evening.

In a statement to the paper, ASHAA executive director Steve Savarese commented on the incident, saying, “The AHSAA is always disappointed by any unsportsmanlike incident that involves players or coaches from our member schools. Our coaches are teachers first, and must demonstrate examples of good sportsmanship at all times. We truly understand the passions that are involved in competitive athletics, but we can never allow those passions to cross the line and become unsportsmanlike in nature.

Local law enforcement is currently deciding whether or not charges will be pressed.

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