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Major Prep Sports LOCKIN 2


If you are not going hard we are simply going to ask you to have a seat,” were the first words Coach Eric “Cowboy” Robinson announced to the boys who participated in the Major Prep Sports LOCKIN.

The LOCKIN started at 7:00 p.m. and lasted until 10:00 p.m. There were boys as young as the sixth grade up to ninth grade in attendance. It kicked off with an intense workout session with Coach Robinson and Jermaine Johnson. The boys did everything from back pedals, sprints, to dynamic stretching to help them with coordination, speed, and to build their stamina. Within an hour, the boys were dripping in sweat and were determined to get the drills perfected.

“The purposes of the LOCKIN is to have a place where the players can train, workout, and have organized pickup games,” says Coach Toby Taylor. He also says that it gives the parents a little “free time” but only for 3 hours instead of the traditional overnight LOCKIN.

After the workout the boys were split into teams of five and were about to play some 5-on-5 pickup games. The last team standing would be the winners of the LOCKIN. Chosen as the first round draft pick for the 5-on-5 games was none other than Brandon Streeter. Streeter is a rising 9th grader and has already made a name for himself around the mid-south.

Another player Denver Thompson was another one of the players. “I wanted to come to this because I want to get better,” says Thompson.

Ryan Boyce, 8th Grade, wanted the LOCKIN to help him in his weak areas. He wants to go to play college ball and hopefully make a career out of it in the NBA.

Morgan Garner, 9th grade, also came because he wanted to improve. He hopes to go to Duke University after high school.

Jordan Woods, 9th grade, has been playing since he was 3-years-old and was excited about this LOCKIN because he loves the game. His favorite player is Tim Duncan.

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