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MAM’s Merry Measurements

Sophomore Jonquill studies for the ACT with Coach Rich

We are thrilled to share with you our merry measurements of success!

MAM recently conducted a survey of our 541 most active participants. All of the surveyed youth have been coming to our gyms for at least one year and participate in at least three activities a week. What we learned was encouraging regarding MAM’s staff and programs.

 MAM’s active youth participants reported the following about themselves:

  • 96% plan to attend college
  • 66% attend church regularly
  • Significantly lower drug/alcohol/tobacco usage than the Memphis average
  • 53% participate in community service projects

In addition, 95% reported that participating in MAM activities has made them a better person.  They also reported a better attitude towards peers and adults and more personal responsibility as their top areas of personal change. Survey results– click here.

It is clear that our community benefits from youth who respect others, themselves and God. While MAM alone can’t claim credit for these results, MAM youth are telling us that our mentoring and other programs are working.

Your support makes a difference in the lives of Memphis inner city youth.
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Kevin Windsor
Memphis Athletic Ministries

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