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Memphis Wildcats vs Memphis Dream Chasers


12321127_10100908119134338_3774914218325451773_nBy Gevon Owens

two undefeated teams went head to head last night. The Wildcats were favored, they had the depth, chemistry and experience advantage.

But the newly formed Dream Chasers are definitely not a team to be underestimated. No team with Josh Holloway can be underestimated. Then add the sharp shooting of Curtis Givens Jr. and you have a very capable backcourt.

The game began back and forth with The Wildcats leading at the end of the 1st quarter. The Wildcats never trailed after the first quarter despite 3 3s from Curtis Givens Jr. (9 points) And the usual double digit performance from nationally ranked Josh Holloway (16 points). EJ Smith (12 points) led the Wildcats in scoring throughout most of the game, but Jailen Hardaway (14 points) eventually passed him.

What happened?
The Wildcats Bigs dominated the paint on both ends of the court for starters. They out rebounded the Dream Chasers handily and they had dozens of 2nd chance points and points in the paint. Poor shot selection in the final period and a few costly turnovers allowed the game to get out of reach and the Wildcats prevailed, 48-34.

The players of the game were Jailen Hardaway and Josh Holloway.

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