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Middle School Play Day (Ridgeway Vs. Mt. Pisgah)

Saturday I walked into the Germantown High School’s gym and looked up at the scoreboard to figure out who was ahead with little over 3 minutes left in the first half. I was thinking Ridgeway would be leading, but I was wrong (WHAT!!!). Mt. Pisgah was up. I could tell by confidence and swagger the Mt. Pisgah players had they were enjoying the moment. Nate Vaughn brings the ball up the court and puts his ball handling skills on display with a cross, between the legs and quickly pulls the trigger on a tre-ball that rattles in. The first half ends with the score 30-22, Mt. Pisgah ahead.

The second half Ridgeway turned up the heat, putting on the full-court press, as I’m accustomed to seeing from Ridgeway. Leading the way Kevin “Lucky” Cheatham, with two quick steals and lay-ups Ridgeway is back in it that quick. Ridgeway eventually pulled away to win the game 62 to 47.

Top Performers:

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Nate Vaughn
Nate Vaughn – 18pts.

Vaughn has good handles and does a great job of scoring the ball. He will put up some big numbers this season.


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London Gool
London Gool – 17pts.

London is athletic and has crazy hops which allows him shoot over taller opponents.


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Lucky Cheatum
Kevin Cheatum – 16pts.

Cheatum plays hard on both sides of the ball. He’s a player that can give the Coach whatever he needs at any point in the game, from steals, distributing, or scoring.


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Romero Hill
Romero Hill – 14pts.

Hill is a big guard that will punish smaller guards. He has good moves to the goal and can shoot well from the outside.



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