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NEW: Photo of the Week for high school sports, submit your photos

CLEVELAND, Ohio — “Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.”

That’s what Apple ran with this commercial last year for the iPhone 5.

With nearly 170 high schools that we cover, it’s impossible to make it out to every athletic event to capture every moment, so we’re asking for you to help us out. We’re going to start a new series of photos taken by you, for you.

They can be any photos, taken with your cell phone or a digital camera. Varsity teams only, please.

Send Northeast Ohio Media Group high school sports reporter Stephanie Kuzydym your best photos at skuzydym@cleveland.com or Tweet them to her at @stephkuzy.

Send us action shots, head shots, celebration shots and even candid shots. We’ll take them and publish the best every Thursday. Make sure to include who is in the photo and a little bit of information about the game (time, date, place) as well as who took the photo for us to include in the caption. Please make sure you give us permission to run the photos you take.

We can only run shots that are taken by you, not by a professional photographer who hasn’t given us permission. 

Thanks to Ken Klemencic for his photos of Hudson.

Contact high school sports reporter Stephanie Kuzydym by email (skuzydym@cleveland.com) or on Twitter (@stephkuzy). Or log in and leave a message in the comments section below.

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