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Notes from the CBL


Notes from the CBL:

DeMarcus Johnson and Javion Hamlet were on another level. Both players played faster, stronger, and more aggressive then any other player on the court. They took the right shots, passed the ball well, and played aggressive defense.

Nickolas Jackson Jr. showed a complete game. He rebounded the ball well and pushed the ball up the court. Plus, he was able to score the ball around the rim. Nick will have to be very productive in order for his team to compete.


DeMarcus Johnson: A player that I thought had all the potential and size, but didn’t play hard all the time. NOT ANYMORE. DeMarcus is a nightmare to guard on offense and now a terror on defense. Plus he has the confidence to match his skill-set. He will be a great player on the high school level.


JAVION HAMLET 2.0: Hamlet has been working hard in the lab and it showed today in the CBL. He’s bigger and stronger then the Javion from only 3 months ago. I’m accustomed to seeing Javion knocking down big 3s, but Javion 2.0 is attacking the rim without fear. Keep “GETTING IT IN” Javion.


Nickolas Jackson Jr. (Havenview -Class 2017) Nick has been playing AAU for several years, playing power-forward for the Memphis Pharaohs (Coach Johnson). His game has transition from the post to the perimeter. With improved ball handling and shooting Nick is on the MAJOR PREP SPORTS RADAR to have a breakout season.

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