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Pics and videos: It’s the best of Friday’s Midnight Madness

01:27 AM ET October 13, 2012

I’ve really gotta get myself to Michigan State in October before Tom Izzo retires. (Getty Images)

Tom Izzo has become the master of Midnight Madness. Friday night was a pretty good time — mostly. (Damn those St. Louis Cardinals.) If you were out and actually having a life and wanted to see the best of what happened in hoops, you’re in luck. I’ve pulled a few videos from around the country and also curated Twitter for a few good fan shots, in addition to the national photo hubs. Enjoy a scrapbook of Friday night’s embrace to a new hoops season. It feels great to be back.

Great fan shot from the start of the chaos in Breslin Friday night. (via @thathatfield)

Great job by Rush the Court in finding this next video. San Diego State holds contest to win car for making half-court shot. And you know what happens. And you’re gonna watch it right now.


You knew Kentucky had to factor into this somehow. Here’s the first of two videos. Pretty mesmerizing introduction/what they did with the court. You’ll probably wanna watch twice.




The unique setup for Friday, Pitt’s outdoor floor, which looked even more gorgeous before everyone arrived. (via Oakland Zoo)


Jamie Dixon is taking cues from Izzo and we’re all better for it. Movie themes are money. (via @craven_3)

OK, so this? Could be the video of the weekend. It’s UK women’s coach Matthew Mitchell, who isn’t afraid to dance his butt off in front of thousands — because the dude has groove. Last year he had a terrific Michael Jackson impression, and this time, it’s another flashback. Oh, the music is so bad. But Mitchell makes it better.


In Raleigh, this happened. Yes, that is Mark Gottfried being lowered by harness, saving a culture, basically. (via @willbrinson)


And if Bruce Pearl wants to wear overstated plaid jackets for as long as he’s on TV, I’m OK with that. (Also via @willbrinson)


And staying with UNC, pretty slick heel moves by the Heels here. And thankfully I’m still not even close to being sick of “Gangnam Style” yet.



Still, the Carolina freshmen had to do … this. Why just why why why. (AP)

At Wagner, we had parents pulled out of the stands and desecrated by their son, Josh Thompson.


And while that was good, this is better. Even Linda Cohn knows it.


Meanwhile, Baylor’s team of freaks put on a show. Deuce Bello will be making a few dozen posters this year.


Two photos on the opposite end of the spectrum to close it up:

In Texas, they love their fire and pyre. Texas-Pan American got blazed for basketball. (via UTPA coach Ryan Marks)


Love this too. Some choose to start the season with nothing but squeaks, shouts, whistles and echoes. (via Portland Athletics)


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