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Player ties Jordan’s Laney High school record with 42 points

Wilson had 21 points in the first half.

“I wasn’t even counting my points the whole night,” Wilson told WECT-TV. “I didn’t even know I had 40. I was thinking I was still in the 30 range until they told me after the game that I tied with Jordan.”

Laney advances to the Mideastern conference semifinals against Hoggard (Wilmington) on Wednesday.

Jordan scored 42 against Eastern Wayne (Goldsboro, N.C.) on Valentine’s Day, 1980.

“You know Michael, he’d be the first to tell Elijah he needed four overtimes to do it,” Laney athletics director Fred Lynch, who was an assistant coach at Laney in 1980, told WECT-TV. “Michael did it in regulation.”

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