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The Poll Attacks

Syracuse got a nice win in the wind Sunday over San Diego State, yet remain unranked on one ballot? (US Presswire)

The college basketball polls were updated today.

So you know what that means, right?

Let’s Poll Attack some fools!

Associated Press poll: Steve Spurrier thinks Ron Morris is too negative and in possession of a computer that doesn’t produce enough sunshine, and that’s just not how South Carolina’s Head Ball Coach believes a local columnist should operate. Consequently, Steve Spurrier doesn’t like Ron Morris. He’s gone so far as to suggest the longtime Columbia writer should look for a job elsewhere.

Which is stupid.

Spurrier’s actions and words toward Morris are petty.

They make him look small.

But if Spurrier held a press conference this afternoon to clown Morris for his college basketball ballot, I’d find the clip on YouTube and retweet it to the world. Because Morris’ latest AP ballot is some kind of silliness and worthy of being featured in this season’s first Poll Attacks.

Where to begin?

I guess I could start by pointing out that he’s got Michigan State 12th and Connecticut nowhere to be found even though Connecticut opened the season last Friday by beating Michigan State on a neutral court. But, honestly, that’s not that crazy. Basketball games are only 40 minutes long. The better team doesn’t always win. So if Morris wanted to “stick by his guns” and keep Michigan State in and Connecticut out, well, it’s not what I would’ve done (or what I did), but I can live with it, I guess.

But Murray State at No. 9?

That’s wilder than a Murray State player running over somebody.

And where the hell is Syracuse?

(Seriously, look at his ballot. Where the hell is Syracuse?)

The Orange are sixth in our Top 25 (and one) and eighth in both the AP and Coaches polls, and they’re no lower than 13th on every other AP ballot. The fact that Morris was the lone AP voter to leave Syracuse unranked in the preseason probably should’ve told him something. If not, then Sunday’s impressive win over San Diego State in San Diego should’ve done the trick.

But neither of those things moved Morris.

He’s still got Syracuse unranked.

So maybe Steve Spurrier isn’t crazy after all.

Coaches poll: The opening weekend of college basketball presents a flurry of action that can be hard to keep track of even for those of us who get paid to keep track of it. So I can understand how some coaches might miss something, which is the only explanation for Florida State getting three points in this week’s coaches poll.

Maybe a coach or two missed FSU’s season-opening loss to South Alabama.

At home.

In which the Seminoles had 17 turnovers.

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