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Q & A with Coach Lang Wiseman

Coach Lang Wiseman

With one of the biggest games on the schedule, we thought it would be good to ask Coach Wiseman a few questions on his 4-0 starts, his players, and the showdown on this Thursday against the 4-0 Mt. Pisgah Eagles.

MPS: Coach, you are off to a great start this season with a 4-0 start. What do you attribute your success to?

Coach Wiseman:  The kids are playing incredibly hard and unselfishly. The effort they’ve given has been unbelievable.

MPS: You’ve held your opponents to 20 or less points so far this season. How do you get your players to buy into the great defense you’re playing?

Coach Wiseman: We preach that hard work, effort, and defense are constants that you can always depend on.  Shots come and go.  Effort and defense are just about heart and “want to.”  We have some really high-character kids who listen and really understand that.

MPS: I know you a have a great player in Jalen Fisher, but it takes a team to win. Who else has stepped up this year and is playing good?

Coach Wiseman:  Jaylen is definitely the guy who stirs the drink, but we’ve had great balance and effort up and down the line.  Vince Gray and Keelon Webber are tough-nosed kids on the wing who can shoot the lights out when they get it going, and Torrey Harris has been a beast for us at the 4 spot just making things happen and keeping balls alive.  He’s very gifted athletically. Our post player Trey Inman is really coming along as well and learning to use his size, and we’re getting great minutes off the bench from Luke Wiseman, too.

MPS: This Thursday is the biggest matchup this regular season against Mt. Pisgah. How do feel going into Thursday matchup?

Coach Wiseman:  Mt. Pisgah is a great team.  I’ve heard a lot about them and am looking forward to seeing them firsthand.

MPS: With good shooters like Nate Vaughn and London Gool, what do you do to slow down a good shooting team like Mt. Pisgah?

Coach Wiseman:  I don’t know that you can really shut down great players like that.  You just try to slow them down and make the other guys beat you.

MPS: The matchup of the season this Thursday, any prediction?

Coach Wiseman:  The only prediction I’ll make is that it’ll be a great game with some great players on the floor.  We’re really looking forward to the challenge.  These kinds of games are what make basketball so much fun.

Game 5: Thursday, 11/10/2011 @ 4:30 – Arlington Middle School


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