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Commentary provided by NcogNito

Yep. All lower seeds won out. LOL…………crazy. 

Knicks took down the Twolves behind Markel Crawfords performance. He put on a show. And, the Wolves had no answer.

As the game took shape, it began to be obvious that the bigger bodied (old man weight) and upperclassmen knew how to preserve energy. I’d say they scored at least 20 off of sno-bird’n. LOL. The young guys for the TWolves were visually tired .

Cade Peeper, Fatodd Lewis , Jordan Browning and Aston played well, but it just wasn’t enough against Markell, Hampton and Kordario just had a energy and fire that was just enough to pull out the win. I think Browning led the Wolves with 13pts. Very balanced scoring for them. Just gave up too much to Markell and in transition.

In the next game, the Lakers got demolished by Ervin Morris, Alex Anderson, Conner Payne and Mike Madlock. They also got a nice game out of the kid from West Tennessee Christian. Wasn’t much of a game from the outset.

Our third game matched the Cavs against the Pistons and it was a good game. But, seeing the Pistons do what they did, was a surprise, especially after not having one of the top 2-3 performers in the league, Dontavious Sears. But, in the Cavs defense, they didn’t have Anthlon Bell. The Cavs were ICE COLD from the perimeter, something they’ve relied on during the season. Sharpshooter Matt Butler missed long range shot after long range shot.

We didn’t see the last game, but I thought Tim Shaw, Andre Applewhite and Josh Jones would have stopped the streak of higher seeds losing. Unless, Andre was MIA. I saw Shaw and Jones as we left. But, it just goes to show you, the city is PACKED full of talent and any team can win on a given night.

Thanks for the league and we had fun.

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