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RECAP: Superstar Tournament: Day 1 – Game 4 (Timberwolves vs. Jaguars)


The fourth game started at 2:00pm with the Timberwolves and the Jaguars. It was in the Jags’ hands from tip off but Timberwolves Rameek Wooten got the first score with an impressive 3 pointer. T.J Jefferson had a strong presence on the court and definitely gave the Timberwolves something to worry about. The first half breezed by but the score board remained pretty low with 11 to 8 Jags’ in the lead. The Jags stayed in the lead during the second half but Timberwolves weren’t giving up as Wooten and Carlos Sandifer scored and tied the game. Kendrick Hearns couldn’t be stop and it seemed everything he put up fell in. The Timberwolves made a great comeback but the game went to the Jaguars 40 to 38 with lead scorer Hearns scoring 14 points.

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