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OLD RECAP: Superstar Tournament: Day 1 – Game 8 (Jaguars vs. Hawks)



It was the last game of the day and the Jaguars and Hawks are up. To say that this game was interesting would be an understatement because both teams had so much to bring to the table. Jaguars’ heavy hitters T.J. Jefferson, Jordan Fairman and Kendrick Hearn all scored over ten points during the last game alone and are not coming up short in this last game. However, the Hawks still had a secret weapon of their own, Kavion Hancock who alone scored 21 points last game followed by Alex Lomax with 13 points. By the second half, the game was an intense score of 14 to 18 with the Jags winning but the Hawks are put up a great fight. The game got more interesting as the teams went into overtime 38 to 38. Through a good fight, the Jags take it 50 to 48 in the last three minutes of overtime. It was great way to end the day!

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