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Recap: Superstar Tournament Day 2

It’s the second day and the kids have played their hearts out.

The first games seemed to fly by as the Timberwolves gained their first victory for the tournament, the Eagles snatch third place, and the mighty Bobcats are off to the championship game against the Bulldogs.

The final game was serious business and the crowd was anxious to see which talented group of boys would take the win. Luke Wiseman and Jones are on fire! The Bobcats seem to have a good strategy but not enough to get past the Bull Dogs’ players Adam Price and Jordan Johnson. After half time, the coaches are pushing the teams harder for the first place spot. With ten minutes left in the second half, the game was tied. And the boys seemed to be tired but fought through their exhaustion. The game remained neck and neck all the way until the last couple of minutes. The referees were ruffling a few feathers with the crowd and the coaches as numerous travel calls were called. With less than a minute to go the Bobcats looked to be the predicted winners with a 46 to 41. Then, Jordan Johnson comes out with a three bringing the score up 46 to 44. The Bulldogs did not give up and definitely didn’t make it easy for the Bobcats to take this win and be named the first place winners of the Superstar Tournament!

Players like Adam Price, Corey Jones Jr., Luke Wiseman, and Joshua Gray really shined in the final games. Gray, 14, has been playing since he was 7 and his goal is to one day play in the NBA. His favorite player is Kevin Durant. When asked about his performance for the day the very talented yet modest player said “I’ve played better and it wasn’t really my best.” He is both excited and nervous about playing for his varsity team at Memphis University School.

Adam Price - White Station Middle

Adam Price – White Station Middle

Price, 13, stated that he had been playing as long as he could remember and will be playing on his varsity team at White Station next year. “I felt like I played better yesterday than today but I feel like I did what need to be done for the team,” said Price. His favorite player is LeBron James.


Luke Wiseman – Arlington Middle

Wiseman, 14, from Arlington  shares that he has played since he was 4 years if age and enjoyed playing in the tournament this weekend. As the son of a strong coach like Coach Wiseman, Luke states that his dad is hard on him just as he is other teammates of his. His favorite player is Derrick Rose.

Corey Jones Jr, Tournament MVP

Corey Jones Jr, Tournament MVP

It was a surprise to no one that Jones was awarded MVP of the tournament. The young 14-year-old from Evangelical Christian School has only been playing basketball for 3 years. Like Price, his favorite player is also LeBron James but says he can’t leave out Stephen Curry. He is a multitalented player playing basketball and football but secretly liking basketball the most. He will be joining the varsity team next year at his high school.


1st Place Bobcats


2nd Place Bulldogs

First and second place trophies were given out as well as individual awards for players. Most points went to Tyran Davis followed by MVP Jones getting another award for the most rebounds. Most steals/blocks went to Alex Lomax and he also got one for the most assists.

Tyran Davis - Scoring Leader (21 avg.)

Tyran Davis – Scoring Leader (21 avg.)

Corey Jones - Rebounding Leader (12.5 avg.)

Corey Jones – Rebounding Leader (12.5 avg.)

Alex Lomax - Assists Leader (2.33 avg.)

Alex Lomax – Assists Leader (2.33 avg.)

Alex Lomax - Assists Leader (2.33 avg.)

Alex Lomax – Steals/Blocks Leader (5.33 avg.)

 Top Ten players were Nickolas Jackson Jr., Kavion Hancock, Tyran Davis, Joshua Gray, Corey Jones Jr., Braxton Winford, Alex Lomax, Kendrick Hearns, and Dayton Leach.

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