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Schilling Farms wins the 8th Annual Blue Streak Invitational Tournament

Schilling Farms

Back row L to R: Coach Norris Langford, Jaylon Saulsberry, Mason Gross, Takori Rooks, Christian Williams, Josh Mariencheck, Ryan Boyce, Denver Thompson, Coach Toby Taylor, Front row L to R: Jalen Lynn, Julian Shelton, Jake Peterson, Reagan Ballard, Chad Stetson, Kyle Colswick, Zack Perrin, Trelin Bailey

There were four days, five gyms, 171 games and 1110 players involved in the 8th Annual Blue Streak Invitational Tournament this year.

The tournament is the single largest fundraiser that supports and benefits the Catholic Heart Work Camp mission trips and the Blue Streak Scholarship Fund. Schilling Farms took this year’s victory in the eight-grade division led by Coach Toby Taylor. “I am very proud of my team and it’s good for the guys to see the fruits of their hard work. It was definitely a team effort with all the players doing their part in order for us to win. We hope to build on this success as we head into the home stretch of our season,” Taylor says.

Left to Right: Ryan Boyce (Tournament MVP), Jalen Lynn (All-tournament Team)

Left to Right: Ryan Boyce (Tournament MVP), Jalen Lynn (All-tournament Team)

This was Coach Taylor’s first time participating in the tournament and Schilling Farms managed to take it, beating St. Dominic 60-39 for the championship. Familiar names such as Ryan Boyce and Jalen Lynn were two of the standout players. Boyce was named MVP and Lynn was named to the All-Tournament Team. “I think our team worked harder before this game,” said Lynn. The 13-year-old is a fan of University of Memphis and wants to thank Coach Taylor for his confidence in the team. Boyce said he is also grateful to his Coach and eveyone who was involved in their success. He is a fan of Kevin Durant and was very happy and surprised to be named MVP.

This Tournament is more than a success and has no signs of slowing down as its following continues to grow larger. On the St. Louis Youth Ministry of the St. Louis Church’s website it is stated over and over again how appreciative the program is for all of the sponsors, volunteers, contributors, and the fans since they are the reason for it all.

Tournament website: http://www.stlouiscyo.com/blue-streak/

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