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Semifinals coin-flip results

By Craig Sager II

Score Atlanta

Six out of Georgia’s 14 semifinal games flipped coins for home-field this weekend. In Class AAAAAA, there is an unusual No. 3 vs. No. 3 matchup with North Gwinnett and McEachern that required a flip. Neither team had much of a chance for hosting a playoff game this year as a No. 3 seed. McEachern won the toss is guaranteed a home game for the first time these playoffs.

Class AAAAA houses a semifinals field of four No. 1 seeds and three of the states’ remaining unbeaten teams. Creekside won its flip with Kell while Tucker won its toss with Gainesville. Creekside is the only team that has played a road game this postseason, a 41-14 rout over North Paulding on Friday.

Class AAAA is already set with top seeds Marist and Griffin hosting Carrollton and Wayne County, respectively.

In Class AAA, No. 1 Buford and No. 1 Callaway had a deciding toss on Saturday for the approximately 103 miles that separates these two schools. Top ranked Buford won the toss and the Wolves will host Callaway at Tom Riden Stadium this Friday.

Class AA has a field of four No. 1 seeds and will require a flip between Lamar County and Benedictine and a flip between Lovett and Brooks County. Lamar County won the toss and Benedicitine will take a 207-mile trip on Friday, while Lovett’s successful toss over Brooks County merits almost 250 miles of traveling for their semifinals meeting.


North Gwinnett at McEachern

Kell at Creekside

Gainesville at Tucker

Callaway at Buford

Benedictine at Lamar County

Brooks County at Lovett

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