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Star ejected after dunk

You probably don’t know Justise Winslow yet. It might be worth getting to learn the name, especially if he continues to produce incredible feats of athleticism like the preposterous slam you see below.

Winslow, a sophomore for Houston (Texas) St. John’s School, was facing off against San Antonio (Texas) Antonian Prep in the annual St. Thomas Tournament in Houston when Winslow simply decided to take over on an explosive drive to the basket. The small forward — he’s currently 6-foot-5 and 200 pounds, but is likely to grow in the years ahead — blew past an Antonian perimeter defender with a slick crossover dribble then took off from the edge of the key and dunked on top of Antonian’s tallest post defender.

As you can see, that battle was a pure mismatch. There was only ever going to be one winner, and given the force with which he took off with, there was little doubt that was going to be Winslow, who went on to finish the game with 10 points and 12 rebounds.

Of course, there was a reason why Winslow’s totals weren’t even more impressive than that, and if you watch the video above closely you can see why. After finishing the slam, Winslow stared down his “dunk victim”, promptly earning a technical foul from the nearby referee. Then, to cap things off, as he walked back up the court, Winslow offered up a salute to the St. John’s fans in attendance, an act of perceived braggadocio that earned him an instant second technical and an ejection from the game.

Thirty seconds, one enormous slam and two technicals. That’s a busy half a minute for a top prospect.

Naturally, Winslow is still a young, developing player, and he’s likely to get a lot more attention from the top high school programs in the country in the years ahead. As one of the 5-star recruits in the Class of 2014, Winslow is practically guaranteed to attract a bright spotlight for the remainder of his high school career, no matter where it takes him.

For now, he’s clearly content focusing on his basketball, even if that leaves few people who can even attempt to defend him, as Antonian learned in painful fashion.

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