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Submit topics for new high school sports video series

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Ever wonder why things are the way they are?

Why do baseball players spit a lot? Why does a basketball player lick their fingers before they take a free throw?

Here’s one: Who are St. Edward senior basketball player Malcolm Walters’ alter egos?

He’s known around his school for being Brother Malcolm, for being good at speeches and preaching. They even let him have the mic during school before a game to get everyone hyped up. It’s like a PA announcement turned pep rally.

Next week, we’ll bring you a video of Walters’ alter ego: Brother Malcolm.

We’d also like to get other topics submitted by you. 

Vote for a topic or submit your own.

What question should we answer next for our new video series?

Contact high school sports reporter Stephanie Kuzydym by email (skuzydym@cleveland.com) or on Twitter (@stephkuzy). Or log in and leave a message in the comments section below.

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