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The Best of the West Power 5 Camp

Congratulations to Patosha Jeffery, Cliff Coleman, and the rest of the staff members for hosting a successful Best of the West Power 5 Camp. The camp featured talented girls from the 5th to 8th-grade from the area. The day started with the players going through a series of stretching drills, followed by defensive and pivoting drills, and ended with 5 on 5 scrimmages. 

Here are some players that stood out:

Class of 2021 – 8th Graders

  • Santrice Avant (Bellevue Middle)
  • Lyric Cole (Kate Bond)
  • Wakiryah Daniels (Nettleton Junior High)
  • Laila Eliotti (Nettleton Junior High)
  • Mia Hurst (Chester County Middle)
  • Zavia Harris (Highland Oaks Middle)
  • Jada Williams (Union City Middle)

Class of 2022 – 7th Graders

  • Samya Brooks (Pontotoc City Middle)
  • Kennedy Claybrooks (Power Center Academy)
  • Teiona Wedley (Crockett County)

Class of 2023 – 6th Graders

  • Dan’Angela Wilson (Bradley Academy)
  • Mallory Collier (Barret’s Chapel)
  • Toni Davis (Christiana Middle)
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