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The galaxy’s 40 billion ‘other Earths’; high school sports stadium spending …

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There are 40 billion ‘other Earths’ in the galaxy, but is there anybody out there?: New findings from NASA’s Kepler spacecraft

This is one of those stories to make your head hurt with all the infinite possibilities beyond or grasp. Based on new data and analysis from NASA’s Kepler spacecraft comes an astonishing conclusion: There could be as many as “40 billion habitable Earth-size planets in the galaxy,” the New York Times science page reports today.

Indeed, science’s long quest for the so-called “Goldilocks” planets — not too hot, not too cold – now discover that they are very common, if not a dime a dozen.

Learn the latest findings from Kepler and find out what it means for the existence of extraterrestrials here.

Rival school to top new $60 million high school football stadium that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would love: When is enough, enough?

The high school football stadium spending race continues. Now comes word that the Houston suburb of Katy is set to vote today on a $69 million stadium with at least 14,000 seats. Are they trying to outdo their cross-state rivals near Dallas? Here’s what that high school’s shiny new stadium is like:

Seats for 18,000 fans. A high-definition video screen that’s 38-feet wide. And it is complete with corporate sponsors and a towering upper deck. No, this isn’t plans for a major college or minor professional sports stadium. It’s the newest, costliest high school football stadium in the country, and it’s located in Texas, home of Jerry Jones’ football monstrosity for the Dallas Cowboys.

Check out all the taxpayer-funded bells and whistles here.

Giant, teeth-baring ‘Godzilla’ platypus species discovered in Australia

You know the discovery is big when usually reserved scientists dub it “Godzilla.” A scene right out of “Jurassic Park” is playing out in Australia, where a giant, extinct species of the platypus has been discovered.

But unlike the modern platypus, these ancient duck-billed creatures are twice the size and they pack powerful teeth, prompting one scientist to proclaim it a “Godzilla” like monster.

Find out how scientists identified the new species, named Obdurodon tharalkooschild, and check out an artist’s rendering of the Godzilla platypus. It’s all here.

U.S. on sidelines of new space race as India leads China in quest for Mars: Are we falling behind?

How depressing is this, as we approach the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, Texas, later this month? Here now we have headlines about two countries locked in a technology-expanding, economy-juicing space race. And the good, old United States is nowhere to be found.

I wonder what the starry-eyed former president who planted a bull’s eye on the moon and inspired Americans to look heavenward would think of us now?

But this modern-day space race – a gallant quest for Mars – is between India and China, as ambition, technology and resources continue to shift away from America and other established powers.

Learn more about India’s Mars mission and what it might mean for a lagging America here.

Other buzz-worthy headlines:

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