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The Shocking Truth: Student Athletes You Don’t Get To Pick!

The college recruiting process in some ways is a popularity contest; only the very best high school student athletes get to pick the college they want to play for.

I believe that number of privileged student athletes is around 1% meaning 99% of all other high school players have to do a thousand different things to gain the attention of college coaches.

Have you ever noticed all the big-time major college recruits talking about where they’re going to college?

On TV they have those selection shows where top high school recruits decide where they’re going to college by picking up that school’s cap that has their college logo on it.

Every high school student athlete is not privileged enough to choose where they’re going to attend college over another school.

A huge percentage of high school players have to actually gain the attention of college coaches for them to let you know whether they want you or not.

It’s almost like high school student athletes have no choice as to which college to play for.

A college program can hear about you many types of ways and decide to make you an offer.  Of course at that point you have a choice to accept or not, but what student athlete do you know will actually turn down a scholarship offer?

Wouldn’t it be cool that all a high school student athlete had to do would be to call their favorite college program and tell that coach of their commitment to play for them?

How simple the college recruiting process would now become for millions of high school players.  You wouldn’t have to write letters to college coaches expressing interest in their program.  You would no longer have to send thousands of emails to hundreds of college coaches in your home state updating them about your latest game.

The DVD wouldn’t be required to mail to college coaches so they can the study your athletic abilities.  How much simpler recruiting would be if all you had to do was make a phone call to a few college programs?

Too bad, though. In reality the college recruiting process is extremely complicated and you really do have to do something to get college coaches to like what you do athletically.

Millions of high school student athletes are performing at high levels all to gain the attention of college coaches who have scholarships to give.

If you’re lucky and a great many of these coaches really like you, chances are you could be one of the chosen few offered a full athletic scholarship.  That’s generally the thinking on how the recruiting process should go.

Truth be told, recruiting does not work that way for every student athlete. It’s more about getting your name out there to a large number of college coaches.  Recruiting is about your grades and how strong you are academically.

Recruiting is about your character and personality; can you get along with others and whether you’re coachable.  Recruiting is about winning. Are you a winner?

The college recruiting process is about many things, but one of those things is that student athletes do not get to pick the college they want; it is really about the college coaches picking you.

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