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Detroy Taylor and Jarvis Freeman
 Detroy Taylor and Jarvis Freeman

Detroy Taylor and Jarvis Freeman

Through MAM’s ministry, Detroy Taylor and Jarvis Freeman have learned the reality of the Gospel in their lives and the humbling experience of giving to others.

“Being a MAM kid has changed my life. Christ has really been shown to me through my mentor at MAM.  I have learned to seek God’s will for my life.  I love doing devotionals with the kids at MAM because I want everyone to know about God. I am 19 years old and I am a follower of Christ and MAM has been with me every step of the way. Thank you MAM. – Jarvis

Jarvis, a 2011 graduate of Manassas High, attends Southwest Community College, works at FedEx and is giving back to MAM as a mentor and volunteer. Detroy, a senior at Manassas High, works in the Bellevue Baptist Church food service department. Both went to Honduras on a mission trip last summer with the Bellevue youth group and Detroy plans to go to China on another mission trip this spring.

Your giving makes it possible for MAM to help Jarvis, Detroy and hundreds of other under-served youth hear the truth of God’s word.  And for that, we are extremely thankful.

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