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Under Dogs Conquer – Dragons VS Lynx (Game 1)


“The Superstar 3 Tournament features the top talent in the 2018, 2019 and 2020 classes, so it’s really an exciting event to be a part of,” said Toby Taylor, founder of Major Prep Sports.

The first game between the Dragons and the Lynx was a great way start the Superstar 3 Tournament at Lausanne Collegiate School. It was 11:00 am but these kids were playing like it prime time. The Dragons were slaying in the first half with more than a 15 point lead. Ryan Boyce and Cameron Jones for the Dragons are players to watch scoring the most points and making the most trouble for the Lynx.

Tate Kolwyck

However, one couldn’t count out Braxton Winford, Tate Kolwyck, and Kyle Colwick as they definitely are not giving up easily for the Lynx. The score reflects this as the gap closes to only a ten point lead before the second half.

In the second half, it was an entire new basketball game. The Lynx started closing in on the Dragons heavily and the ten point lead quickly decreased to a 3 points. The Lynx were on a hustle for this victory literally up until the last 25 seconds. Kolwyck goes up for the three! He ties the score for the first time in game! It is anyone’s game at this point. A foul against Kolwyck sends him the line for two and he makes one, taking the lead for the first time for the Lynx.

The Lynx took this one with 64-61. Top Scorer was Winford with 32 points. Boyce finishes the game with 28 points for the Dragons.

The Dragons were victorious in their second game later against the Eagles 43-39. The Lynx lost to the Bulldogs 58-49 in their second game for the day.

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