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(NEWS CENTER) – Well folks, the high school sports season is upon us and as usual, we at NEWS CENTER are ready to provide our fans with the best coverage in the state!

We are proud to announce our USA TODAY High School Sports site has a new face, what we are calling our Social Hub. We are going to provide you with the exciting, up to date, vibrant content you as a fan have come to expect for us at NEWS CENTER over the past years. You will find new photo galleries, new video links and social media interaction like never before. This season, we have added a polling option to ask you, the fans, what you think about certain subjects. Our first poll asks what you think is the 2012 football Play of the Year. Now…these are only the plays we saw…so take a look at the five and pick your favorite. We will have options for fan photo uploads again this year, please register so you can upload right from your mobile phone. Please take some time and check out our new USA TODAY High School Sports page, we think you will enjoy it!

Along with the roll out of the new site, we have also started a new NEWS CENTER Fifth Quarter Facebook page. We are giving you the fan yet another avenue to interact with us at NEWS CENTER. We will use this page quite often to bring you up to date stories, breaking news and discussions of issues that matter to you. Head on over and give it a LIKE. Make sure to tell your friends.

Lastly, you know we love social media here at NEWS CENTER. Here is a list of all of our social media accounts so that you can follow along for the fun of high school sports!

NEWS CENTER Sports on Twitter




Csaba Sukosd – @CsabaSukosd

Melissa Kim – @melissaykim

Jeff Schools – @JeffMaineSports


NEWS CENTER Sports on Facebook

NEWS CENTER Fifth Quarter Page


NEWS CENTER Sports on Web

USA TODAY High School Sports site

WCSH6 Sports

WLBZ2 Sports 

Good luck to all the athletes, coaches, parents and fans on what should be another exciting high school sports year!

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