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Are you a Sports Editor, Writer, Parent, Casual Fan or passionate about middle school and high school sports? If so, we invite you to be part of our middle/high school sports network by submitting scores, photos and game updates from the team you follow. It’s never been easier. We have several ways you can be part of the coverage.

Ways to contribute

majorPREPsports.com –  a simple form to fill out.  The form allows you to upload a photo, score or game highlight that we will then publish on the site.

Facebook – Become a fan of the majorPREPsports Facebook page. You can do the same thing and leave messages posted on our wall with photos and updates from games and teams that you follow. We’d love to hear from you.

Twitter – Twitter has become a popular method to share quick updates and notes about what is going on, including in high school sports. You can follow the MajorPREPsports Twitter account to receive updates, scores and links to highlights.

If you’re already on Twitter, consider using some common hash tags to share information and scores on high school sports.

Football – #majorprepfb
Basketball – #majorprepbb

Email – Email is still a great way to share information. If you have something for us, shoot us a note with your story, idea, photo or score to staff@majorprepsports.com

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