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What they are saying about Major Prep Sports

Looking back over the last few years, I’m extremely proud We (My Husband and I) took a chance and invested in The Major Prep Sports Organization. This Establishment has been a stepping stone for my Son, and while engaging in different tournaments, I’ve noticed a change in his Performance. He embraced Essential tools such as Individual Character Development, Basketball Fundamentals, and Team Diversity which allowed him Meet and Compete with some of Memphis Top Recruited Players. Major Prep has prepared him to become a better Team player, both Mentally and Physically. I’ve witnessed his personal skill set improve for the betterment of himself as well as for any Team he’s associated with. Major Prep Sports is also a Great Social Organization which provides great exposure to other Community Outlets such as Middle and High School Basketball Teams, Coaches, Trainers, AAU Teams, and Church Leagues, just to name a few. I’m Truly Thankful for the Personal Hands-On Experience and availability of Communication with Coach Toby Taylor via Phone, E-Mail, Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter. From a Parent ‘ s view, every encouraging word Coach Taylor instills in My Son is Inspirational and Motivational. He listens to constructive criticism, embraces it, and then applies it. Upon receiving each Invitation for your events, it made him feel Important, Valued and Desired. Therefore, I Continue to Support All of Major Prep Sports events and Encourage All Parents and or Guardians to enroll your Child ASAP! Each Major Prep Sports event is Family Focused and Oriented. Once engaged, I guarantee you will see a change in your Child’s Confidence….I sure did! 


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