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Which high school has the best sports nickname? – The Express Times

Which high school has the best sports nickname?With a lull in high school sports, let’s get some debate started.

Since there are so many great high school sports nicknames in the region, we decided to see who you thought was the best.

Is it the Blue Streaks of Warren Hills (very appropriate name considering recent graduation happenings) or the Slaters of Bangor? Or maybe the Zephyrs of Whitehall or the Rough Riders of Catasauqua should take the crown. Or just maybe the nickname title should come down to a battle between heated rivals, the Red Rovers of Easton and the Stateliners of Phillipsburg.

The poll contains 10 of the best nicknames in the region. If we missed one of your favorites, voice your opinion in the comment section.

Let the battle of the nicknames begin!

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