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WWII Vet Gets High School Diploma


“If I don’t go to church on Sunday, I just don’t have a good week at all.”

88-year-old Archie Moore did make it to First Baptist Church in Gallatin this morning, and he left with more than he anticipated. He received an honorary high school diploma.

“It kind of surprised me this morning,” he said.

Moore was drafted into the Navy during his junior year at Wayne County High School in 1943. He worked as a fire control man traveling around the world.

“I spent just under three years in the Navy, and I don’t regret that time,” he said.

Moore returned and married his childhood friend, Joanne. The couple was married for 61 years, until Joanne passed away two years ago.

“I would give anything in the world for her to be here today, but I know where she is,” Moore remarks.

The WWII vet’s three daughters, five grandchildren and four great grand kids now keep him company. Many of them joined him on Sunday for his honorary diploma.

“I am very proud of him. He took care of us all of our lives. He still is to this day,” said Anita Temple, his daughter.

Moore retired after working for the Tennessee Valley Authority for 35 Years.

“Kept a roof over their head, kept food on the table, and kept them in college. I had three of them in college at one time and always said the Lord had something to do with it,” he reflected.

“Daddy worked like he said, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we could go to college and not have a debt,” said Marty Nelson, another daughter of Moore’s.

To pay their father back, Archie Moore’s son-in-law Steven heard about Tennessee offering honorary high school diplomas for WWII veterans who’s education was interrupted because of the war. Nelson worked with the state and Wayne County School System for the last five weeks to get the diploma.

“World War II veterans… We’re losing nearly a thousand a day, and there aren’t a whole lot them left with us, and it’s a way to honor their life, so I encourage people to do it. It’s not that hard,” said Nelson.

“But it is good to have it after all these years,” remarked Moore.

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