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2011 North District County Tournament – Day 1

The 2011 North District County Tournament is being held at the new Elmore Park Middle School. It could be said that Elmore has the best gym in the county! Elmore can also boast the only hard-wood floor in the county as well. It might be possible that the other county schools have “green eyes” after visiting Elmore’s gym.

The first game of the day was Bon Lin girls versus Shadowlawn girls. The game started off pretty competitively with Shadowlawn taking an early lead. After a quick timeout, close to the end of the first quarter, Bon Lin started pressuring Shadowlawn guards with their zone press. One could quickly realize that the Shadowlawn guard play was shaky. Bon Lin pulled away quickly in the second quarter and didn’t look back. It was an easy win for the Bon Lin girls.

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The second game, Elmore Park boys versus Bon Lin boys, was the most competitive game of the day. Whose season would come to an end? After splitting the regular season there wasn’t a clear-cut favorite in this matchup. Elmore Park was led by Nathan Hoover in the first half with 15 points (5 of 8 three point shooting) and Bon Lin answered with 18 points from Aarin Strother to end the half 27-25, Bon Lin up. Kameron “KJ” Hughes was the difference in this game. Hughes chipped in 15 points to go along with Hoover’s 24 points. Strother had 24 points in the Bon Lin loss. Elmore Park 52, Bon Lin 44.

Aarin Strother

Aarin Strother (Bon Lin) - 24 pts.

 The other games were:

Mt. Pisgah girls beating Bon Lin girls.
Mt. Pisgah boys beating Millington boys.

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