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2014 Major Basketball League (MBL) Day 1 Recap

Craig Cunningham, with ball, had a monster game 28 pts // 8 rbs / / 9 stls

Craig Cunningham, with ball, had a monster game 28 pts // 8 rbs / / 9 stls

2014 MBL Day 1 Results:

Warriors (Camren Taylor) 43 vs. Blazers (Terry Babb) 38
Racers (Brandon Johnson) 48 vs. Red Storm (Marvin Davis) 51
Hoosiers (Edwin Lamanilao) 24 vs. Jayhawks (Jay Scruggs) 26
Volunteers (Greg Hasser) 24 vs. The Irish (Shelvie Rose) 31
Gauchos (Kavious Newsom) 31 vs. Badgers (Tony James) 36

2014 MBL Day 1 Top Performers:

Craig Cunningham (Racers) – After being down by double digits in the second half, Craig Cunningham went into beast mode. He did everything from scoring, rebounding, and locking down players on defense. He filled up the stat sheet with 28 pts, 8 rbs, 9 stls, and throw in 1 blks. He was the most productive player in any division for Day 1 of the 2014 Major Basketball League (MBL). 

Harold Draper III (Red Storm) – Draper is a crafty guard with a very high basketball IQ. He didn’t let his size get in the way of grabbing 9 rbs. Harold also chipped in 8 pts on the day.

Rico Gibson (Gauchos) – Gibson is a long guard that can impact the game. He used his length to shoot over smaller guards and help on the boards. Rico was 2 rebounds away from a double-double. He finished the game with 10 pts and 8 rbs.

Garrett Golday (Gauchos) – It wasn’t one of Golday’s strongest performance, but he still almost logged a double-double for his team. Garrett led his team in scoring with 11 pts. and he snagged 7 rebounds. I’m looking for Garrett to bounce back in the next game.

Dallen Hayden (Red Storm) – Hayden is a very strong guard in this class. With his size and strength, he was able to attack the rim relentlessly. He led his team to victory with 15 pts and 13 rbs. Dallen could have finished the game easily with 20 plus points, if he could have converted his free throws.

Chandler Jackson (Warriors) – Jackson got off to a slow start, but took over the game late. Chandler played on both sides of the ball to pull out the win for his team. He had 19 pts, 9 rbs, 5 stls for his team. When he kicked it in gear, he played at another level. Early favorite for division MVP.

Chris Martin (Blazers) – Martin showed range. He contacting on several long distance bombs from NBA range. Chris is fast, he can get by any defended and finish shots once he gets into the lane. Martin stats: 12 pts, 2 rbs.

Reginald Neely (Jayhawks) – Neely has great size at 5’7″ with guard skills. He may be the most athletic player in the 6/7th grade division. He finished the game in exciting fashion, with a full-court drive and lay-up at the buzz for the win. He finished with 15 pts, 7 rbs, and 9 stls.

Ray Rucker (Blazers) – Rucker played well against the Warriors, at times he looked like the best player on the court. He attacked the rim and stepped out to the perimeter to knock down shots. Ray’s stat line, 10 pts and 5 rbs.

Carlos Sandifer (Badgers)– Sandifer controlled the game from start to finish. He stack up 21 points, which was the second highest points scored for the day. Carlos was comfortable with the ball in his hand and was great knocking down the 3-ball and finishing in transition.

Kenner Sernel (Hoosiers) – Sernel was a rebounding machine. He was able to grab 17 boards in the game against the Jayhawks. His team lost with a buzzer beater lay-up by Reginald Neely.

Quincey Washington (Volunteers) – Washington played extremely well on Sunday. He finished his shoots around the rim to the tune of 12 points. Quincey was able to grab 5 rebounds, but what was impressive he had 7 steals in the game.

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