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Basketball coach in Texas assaulted after road victory


Manvel High coach Greg Devers told the Houston Chronicle that he, his players and some family and other fans were waiting inside the La Marque High gym after a victory Friday night, when three cars pulled up outside.

“Those are the ones that came into the gym and the only cop there was outside trying to figure out who those three cars belonged to,” Devers told the Chronicle.

A melee ensued.

“I was trying to hold my player back and help one of the mamas that hit the ground,” Devers said. “I have one hand on her and one hand on my player — that’s when the guy coldcocked me from the side. I’ll be honest, everything was so blurry then because I had about three or four other guys that started hitting me in the back and so forth.”

Devers said the violence might have been sparked by a play when one of his players, 6-7 Traylin Farris, became entangled with an opponent and appeared to step on him.

Said Devers, “That’s when they were trying to get my 6-7 guy — three guys attack him saying, ‘We’re going to get you cause you stepped on my cousin.’ “

The coach didn’t blame the La Marque players.

“The La Marque players shook our hands and they went to the locker room. After they went to the locker room, that’s when all (heck) broke loose,” Devers told the Chronicle. “It was an ugly incident. I feel sorry for my fans. We had a couple little kids there that had to witness that.”

Manvel is Texas’ fifth-ranked Class 4A team. Its athletics director, Mike Bass, told ABC-13 in Houston that the punch that blackened Devers’ left eye “looked like it was a left hook from Mike Tyson.”

The schools meet again, ironically, on Valentine’s Day. La Marque officials have promised to investigate and will discipline any students who were involved.

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