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DeMatha lineman and Alabama State signee dies of blood clot

“Obviously the DeMatha community is in shock right now because something like this was so unexpected,” Stags football coach Elijah Brooks told WUSA-TV. “He was a great kid. Everyone is distraught.”

According to the TheWashington Post, a report by The Office of the Chief Medical Examiners said the 6-7, 365-pound senior died of a pulmonary thromboembolism, or blood clot that had traveled to his lung.

DeMatha held a prayer service for Webb on Monday.

At the service, teammate Jason Dillon said he remembered Webb’s sense of humor.

“Sophmore year he got into a fight,” Dillon said, according to WUSA-TV. “It wasn’t a massive fight or anything but it was big enough that it got a crowd around and it was pretty funny. This was right before practice. Coach … made him and James walk around for about 45 minutes. They walked around the entire field holding hands.”

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