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Discipline Yourself, Dream Big, and Seek Degrees


Lester Middle School has quite a team of basketball players on their hands that have held a very impressive record for the past few years.

Coach Desmond Merriweather is one of the head coaches of the well-accomplished team and has a close relationship with them. The team consists of 6th-8th grade boys and the team has certainly managed to help mold them and put them on the right path. In the past 3 years the team has had a record of 90-5 and a record of 60-2 in the past 2 years.

photoMerriweather has been coaching for over 20 years and for the past five years and he has dedicated his career to Lester Middle. “This team is my driving force and my absolute strength to get up in morning,” says Merriweather after revealing the battle he is having with cancer. The standing coach right now is well-known basketball legend, Coach Anfernee Hardaway. “Working with Penny is like working with a brother. A brother that came back to help his little brother,” says Merriweather. He said that Penny has been there to coach the boys when he wasn’t able to.

It seems that Coach Merriweather sees his career as more than a job but rather something he loves. He says they are the reason he has energy to do his job and to help the community.

Alex Lomax, 8th grade, has been playing for three years with the team and has made all-tournament and was named MVP in the state championship. He is definitely one of the standout players on the team. Quincy Parker, also in the 8th grade, is another player that coach Merriweather mentions as another exceptional player on and off the court.

“Discipline yourself, dream big, and seek degrees,” is something that Merriweather hope will resonates with his players as they venture off into high school, as well as college. The boys are looking forward to playing in their AAU team, “Team Penny,” named after their other head coach, Coach Hardaway.

Coach Merriweather would like to thank Coaches Lamarcus Golden and Tony Lewis. He was also like to thank his wife, Inga Merriweather, his daughter, Ziona, his mother Nadolyn Smith, and Cassie Foster.

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