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Eliminate ‘F’ word in high school sports, clubs

Almost all of Stony and my six children and their families (22 grandchildren and 12 great grandkids) love sports and are or have been involved in sports either as players, volunteers or professional coaches/teachers at intermediate or high schools. They have a passion for working with youths, bringing out the best in them.

They are highly competitive and put their all into chosen sports’ activities or competitions, proud to have accomplished numerous personal or school championships.

After 30 or more years in organized sporting activities, they have figured a way to help other coaches or volunteers remove the “F” word from coaching tasks.

Darrell Brantingham, Sean Crom and Sheri Millhollin created a website to help douse the “F” word from sports’ functions once and for all. Here are excerpts from the site including removal of most bold, red and capitalized advertisement text that creates a peppy website:

“Coaches and club advisors dread it! Parents, players and members resist it. Yet, we all say it:

No, it’s not what you think…

What is it???

It’s fundraising! Thishas become one of the most detested parts of our coaching and advising jobs. From uniforms to equipment, tournament fees and travel, it is one necessary evil we wish would disappear. It’s so time-consuming, it takes away from fruitful teaching, coaching and parenting time.

We all need an easier and better way to raise funds for our youths’ sports’ programs.

Today, help is one click away. Donations are within 10 minutes away. Let us get you started. It’s easy:

You can start taking year-round online donations within 10 minutes! We can help you choose a fundraising campaign or simple donation or sponsorship program.

Yes, less than 10 minutes –– we’re not kidding!

This is by far the easiest way to fundraise with little or no time required from you!

There’s a guaranteed 90% profit. There’s nothing to sell unless you choose to. There’s no middleman.

Parents, family and businesses can make simple online donations free of hassle within minutes of setting up your own website.

There’s no money exchange between players and parents. It’s super secure and safe.

Let us get you started.

Go to fundsformycause.com.

I can help your team or club make the money you need to travel, money to purchase spirit wear, and uniforms or money to attend competitions and other events.

Feel free to email me atcoachmillhollin@gmail.com –– I will personally help you set up a website today!”

Fundraising isn’t fun

A born volunteer, I can attest to the literally thousands of hours and personal dollars that youth group leaders and community advocates spend on fundraising.

I started in Old Dayton High organizing a prom when I was a senior in 1955. A small school, we didn’t have many activities, so I did it, placing card tables in the gym covered with tablecloths — naturally a Mapes Hotel or other gambling casino theme caught my eye –– it’s all I’d ever seen. It was May. I went around Dayton and “borrowed” lilacs from residents’ bushes for floral centerpieces. It was fun.

I volunteered and put money into youth and community projects my entire adult life, including, setting up a library at Glen Duncan Elementary School in Reno, Little League, Scouts, Blue Birds, 4-H, basically like a full-time job, 20 years, Dayton Elmentary’s PTA, Dayton High’s Parents/Booster Clubs and historical society, 30 years.

I managed a tight budget, so personal funds were left over for projects — living in Dayton, gas for vehicles was the major expense. Volunteer expenses continued to spiral though.

Now, volunteer projects are expensive. People have had to turn to government grants, but their money is drying up, too.

School and club sports’ activities cost a fortune, and coaches do more than their share. The money my adult children spend on kids’ sporting events is astronomical, and it’s the same with what Dave and Sheri spend on their schools’ athletic programs –– they love working with the students and seeing their successes. But it has to stop somewhere.

The Historical Society of Dayton Valley, like other nonprofit organizations, is always fundraising; thus, these new fundraiser websites for raising money are a different way to try.

However, I don’t approve of websites asking people for donations to start private enterprises for personal gain.

Laura Tennant is a Nevada native, Dayton historian and the Leader-Courier’s former editor. Comments are welcome. Call 775-246-3256, e-mail L10ant38@gmail.com or write P.O. Box 143, Dayton, NV 89403.

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