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Is it fair that the kids who score the most points in the game gets the most press?

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This is an interesting topic.  In my opinion, it seems that players get the most shine if they score the most points.  The game has always been about who can put the ball in the basket.  Even the greats that came before were noticed for their scoring ability.  But as a student and spectator of the game within the game, I look at the whole body of work of a player.  Do I think it’s fair for kids to get the most press for their scoring ability, no.  But that will not change as it’s something that is necessary in the basics of basketball.  But like I teach my son, you have to understand the intelligence it’s takes to play at a high level.  Basketball intangibles and heart all come into play in this game, and the main scorer of a team can be made uncomfortable or better yet shut down if the opposing team keys in on tendencies and weaknesses.  To me, that’s the beauty behind the game of basketball; the overall objective is to score more points than the other team but in methods and strategies on how to achieve that objective can vary from team to team and player to player.  I love kids who hustle, play defense, and leave everything they have on the court.  I also believe in good sportsmanship and high character in doing so which can be another topic.  But I think that element of basketball as game exist today is cater towards to players that score the most points.

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