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Germantown vs. Lowrance…. Part II!

Game commentary by Brian Bins

Tyler Brewer

Tyler Brewer (Ty)

First off…. hats off to Lowrance for a really really hard fault battle! They came out fast and focused! Scored immediately off the jump ball with Tyler Brewer (Ty) taking Jonathan Bins (JB) straight to the bucket for the games’ first two points. Lowrance seemed to have a determined game plan and it was working! They pressed then jumped back into a zone and dared Germantown (Gtown) to shoot. It was a well executed plan, Gtown missed quite a few shots early. Jonathan Timmons (Jon Jon) was focused and it showed early. He scored and rebounded well demonstrating that he wanted to control the paint. Eric Turner established himself early as well, being all over the floor. He was on the boards, he was running the breaks, he was making really good decisions with the ball. Lowrance caused Gtown into some poor execution early. Even when reserves were brought in, they seem to have known exactly what their roles were for this particular game…..


Jonathan Bins (JB)

Gtown managed to handle themselves despite the pressure thanks to their experience and a few changes Gtown made as well. They started Jonathan Bins tonight. As I mentioned earlier Ty attacked quickly, but indeed JB made some key buckets in the first quarter that discouraged the Lowrance momentum. By the end of the first, 14-12, Gtown. Half time, 22-20, Gtown. Gtown would make runs and have a 10 point lead at some points during the game, but each time they thought they would run away with it, Lowrance fought their way back into a close game. Eric played so hard he hurt himself. (We all need to send up prayers for he and his family, he was hurt pretty bad i understand.) Ultimately Gtown has too many weapons. They outlasted Lowrance’s punches and their crowd. Big three and key free throws late by Darrell Brown, then a steal and put back by JB, key block shots by Rodney Williams.


Cooper Foreman

Big rebound and stick back by Cooper Foreman. There was one play where Jon Jon was thrown a pass the length of the court off a rebound by Ty. Jon Jon was at his goal just about alone. Jacob Ivey hustled the length of the court, challenged the shot, and caused Jon Jon to miss. A couple of plays before that, Dacoda Stone scored 5 straight points. He went coast to coast hitting a floater in the lane thanks to the over aggressive play of his defender. They sagged off the next time down and he shot a three from the top of the key! Just too many weapons. Again I will say this, and please believe this is all unbias. I would not say those guys are good if it were not true. It is what it is. That team is loaded and they have some players that are really really good!

Great game Lowrance…
Congratulations Gtown on a great run in the South district so far….

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